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BIOECO-UP project meeting in Nitra, Slovakia

Second in person project meeting of Interreg project BIOECO-UP where BRT Group leader Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík was present.

In the heart of Nitra, Slovakia, in a place known as Zámok u Grófa - Vila Arpássy was hosted the BIOECO-UP project's second meeting on October 24-25, 2023. This gathering brought together a community of forward-thinkers and sustainability enthusiasts who are rewriting the rules of circular bioeconomy. The event commenced with warm welcomes, laying the foundation for two days of exceptional insights and collaborations.

The first day was focused on sessions as "Mapping Bioeconomy Potential," where the first project results was discussed and furthermore  stakeholders were identified to for further cross-sectoral cooperation best practices. The session showcased the potential for transformative change. This was closely followed other session, where was explored the art of intersectoral cooperation, learning how focused interviews and roundtable discussions can uncover barriers and opportunities. The day ended with reflections and discussions, setting the stage for further engagement.

Day two was aimed to in-depth analysis of circular bioeconomy measures. The spotlight then shifted to strategy development, promising a greener tomorrow. The management and communication aspects revealed the project's roadmap, wrapping up with open discussions and closing remarks.

BIOECO-UP is embarking on a journey of citizen empowerment, policy analysis, and strategic planning to reshape the landscape of circular bioeconomy.

Stay tuned for an awe-inspiring project outputs that are igniting a brighter, greener future.

Read more about the project HERE.

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