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Background & Objectives

COMUNIDAD aims to develop, test, and implement a framework that will make use of Copernicus data from agriculture, forestry, and rural development in Chile and Colombia. It will develop solutions integrated on the COMUNIDAD platform with different sources of data. The COMUNIDAD Platform will form an important base for the use of EGNSS and the sharing of expertise with public and private entities from the target countries to introduce EU-space-based applications and to use Copernicus data to jointly develop algorithms, services and products, which serve local user needs.

The interaction with each Pilot Application in Chile and Colombia will feed long-term policy strategy development, aiming at bringing about the transition into the new paradigm of sustainable agriculture and forestry growth. The combined use of EGNSS and Copernicus to develop innovative downstream applications combining positing navigation and timing with Earth observation services will be an essential part of the COMUNIDAD development through pilot applications in Chile and Colombia with the direct involvement of regional end users, decision makers and support organisations.

This approach not only demonstrates the possibilities of potential transfer of the results and addresses the potential barriers but also introduces the added value for developing new markets, information sharing, open access and transparency. The platform combines existing components and services for new target regions where the potential for utilization is expected. The COMUNIDAD will address 4 main Scientific Objectives via 6 WPs. The cooperation of 8 partners is envisaged; from them, 4 are from Chile and Colombia, and 4 are from the EU.

The project consortium includes:

  • LESPRO – Lesprojekt sluzby sro
  • BOSC – Baltic Open Solutions Center SIA
  • CZU – Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  • UAYSEN – Universidad de Aysen
  • SOCIALINNOLABS – Fundacion Socialinnolabs
  • UAM – Universidad Autonoma de Manizales
  • FNC – Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia
  • FIA – Fundacion para la Innovacion Agraria

 EUSPA website:

Project website:

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Call:                                HORIZON-EUSPA-2022-SPACE

Topic:                              HORIZON-EUSPA-2022-SPACE-02-56

Type of action:                HORIZON-RIA

Service:                          EUSPA/MKD

Project start date:          1.3.2024

Project duration:            24 months

Time period:                 2024-2026 (24 months)

Project budget:            1 499 893.75 EUR

CZU budget:                 204 150 EUR

 Role of CZU:

CZU is playing a key role in the project by leading WP5 (COMUNIDAD Platform), which has the following objectives:

1) Initial development of the COMUNIDAD platform based on requirements collected in WP2 and utilisation of components defined by WP2.

2) Internal testing of the COMUNIDAD platform and preparation of initial release for workshops and hackathons.

3) Final development of the COMUNIDAD platform based on pilot testing and workshop feedback.

CZU is also leading WP6 (Dissemination and exploitation) that has the following objectives:

1) Enhance awareness among various groups by engagement and knowledge sharing.

2) Guarantee interoperability with the Climate-ADAPT platform in the EU, Copernicus data from the related thematic area, other related projects, and the CELAC programmes and projects (for example, the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation JIRI, the EurosociAL programme, the S&T EU-CELAC Senior Officials Meetings, the EU–LAC Dialogue, Chile-European Union STI Initiative) and other initiatives, ensuring clustering and coordination with other related EU/National/ International projects and CELAC initiatives.

 3) Introduce an exploitation strategy that focuses on stakeholders, the scientific community, and decision-makers engagement.

Our team:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík (Lead WP5 & WP6), Dr. Stacy Denise Hammond Hammond, doc. Ing. Michal Kuráž, Ph.D., Dr. Eduardo Duque Dussán, Ing. Jan Staš, Ing. Marek Jelínek, Ing. et Mgr. Adam Hruška, BSc. Masha Gulak

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