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The V-SOIL project aims to introduce and promote vermicomposting business techniques in the Pursat province of Cambodia to improve waste management, soil fertility, agricultural productivity, and environmental conservation, through promoting local small vermiculture business industry and incomes. Although vermicomposting practices are not completely new in the country, they are not used much in general in the context of small-scale farmers. Especially in Pursat province, this project will bring an innovative approach for the farmers and will offer new opportunities for business while taking into account youth as well.

The project focuses on the establishment of sustainable private-sector production.  All businesses supported will be based on owners proving that they are fully established as a long term agriculture sector/value-chain actor who has the needed site/location, initial capital, motivation, and long-term vision.   The Core Training Team consists of long-term local actors in influential positions in the organization. sector.

The V-SOIL project is designed to establish a local core modelling/training team in the local province, including within the government and private sector business partners. Advocacy will also target local agriculture input suppliers to also expand promotion of products at their sales locations.


Donor: UNDP Czech Challenge Fund

Coordinator: ADRA ČR

Local partner: ADRA Cambodia

Duration: 1.1.2024 - 31.12.2024

CZU Budget: 9900 USD


CZU Team: Hynek Roubík, Jan Staš, Eduardo Duque Dussán

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