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Description of the innovative solution of CZU mobiLAB

CZU mobiLAB represents a complex solution that enables the application of state-of-the-art molecular detection methods in remote or inaccessible areas. The principal advantage of the proposed solution is the concept of a mobile laboratory, which is unique in terms of its size and weight. It can be transported in an SUV/off-road vehicle, by animal force, or can be even carried by humans, which is crucial in inaccessible areas. The essential facilities are provided in an inflatable tent. The laboratory itself is equipped with a generator that provides electricity and by essential machines, which enable pathogen detection by methods of molecular biology (PCR, LAMP, etc.). All laboratory components are packed in boxes that can be manipulated by an individual person. The first four units of CZU mobiLAB are currently being prepared as part of Czech development cooperation in Ethiopia and Zambia with funding provided by the Czech development agency. CZU mobiLAB is equipped by these key components (1) Box-portable mobile laboratory for infectious diseases detection (2) Tent – Shelters of HF production series SMART (3) Decontamination shower. After arrival, the laboratory can be assembled and immediately start fully functioning. Unlike other laboratories, it can be delivered to regions with extreme access. It is fully equipped and can function off-grid (i.e. from its own resources, without being connected to any kind of external infrastructure). Other key advantage is the multifunctional design of the laboratory, which allows it to detect several infectious disease agents precisely and rapidly.

All information can be found HERE.

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